Serial traveller from Calgary, Canada.

I have conquered over 40 countries in the world over my short 30 years of life, solo-travelling from Western Europe to the remarkably barren landscapes of Eastern China.

Sean Wearing Turban
Me travelling the desert in Morocco. Read about that here


I grew up in Calgary, Alberta, the so-called “cow-town” in a relatively travel-heavy family. For instance, my parents both travelled the world extensively starting from the age of 13. Hence, I was introduced to the idea of travelling at a very young age and became enthralled with the idea of exploring beyond my own home in Calgary.

How I Travel?

How can I afford to travel so many places — aside from the luxury of coming from a country such as Canada?

Simple: frugal lifestyle.

Simply put, I keep my expenses to a minimum through employing tools like expense tracking apps, self-hosting my websites, and taking odd jobs teaching.

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